Rose Temple Immersion Series: In-Person Events

awakening through the
feminine mysteries

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There is a lot of mystery inherently and intentionally within the realms and teachings of awakening through embodiment, the senses, and Sacred Sexuality.

The Priestess Temple Arts had to be kept underground and in secret for millennia because of prosecution that would occur to anyone who held this ancient and sacred knowledge.

The teachings and wisdom of how to work with sensual and sexual energy (our kundalini, chi, prana, etc.) are found throughout most cultures. Though traditionally they were kept hidden from the masses, we are now living in times where there is a resurgence of these ancient practices and reclamation of true feminine power.

The Codes of the Rose have been alive through all time. Some say they are a gift from the planet Venus, who has an orbit with the Sun and Earth that is shaped like a 5 petaled rose. Venus is one of our greatest teachers of Sensuality and Sacred Sexuality.

Awakening to Feminine Power

our root center and yoni

pink rose


our sacral center and womb

Red rose


our heart center and breasts

White rose


The heart governs the electro magnetic field that surrounds our body and interacts with the world. Our heart is what circulates love through our universe and into the lives of everything around us. Learning to strengthen the heart to stay open when its reaction is to shut down and protect itself is somatic and spiritual work, touching everything from nervous system regulation to allowing the Divine Channel to flow through.

The yoni is our pleasure center. It is our power and instrument in understanding what lights us up and is in alignment to our highest calling. It is what connects us deeply to our sensual Earth. Unpacking blocks around shame and fear of our pleasure is deep and ongoing work to unlocking a drip of healthy brain chemicals (oxytocin, serotonin, endocannabinoids, and dopamine) that keep us fueled and in our full power.

The womb is our center of creation. It is where all things comes to form. Whether it be a new soul coming to be born, or a precious dream becoming materialized, this all happens within the womb. Our wombs have been inappropriately used to store trauma, so coming to womb work is essential to being rooted in our creative power. When we come to womb work we are able to organically influence our testosterone, estrogen, and progestogen levels from the inside out. 

We will be meeting once a month for 3 months to go into the Priestess Temple Arts and the Codes of the Rose. Each session will be building upon the one before it and we will be moving from the heart, to womb, to yoni.

These teachings are ancient and timeless. They truly are essential to owning and embodying our power and magic as women. There is so much magic to be found in our Sacred Feminine embodiment.

Our sexual energy is our life force energy. It literally is what gives us our sovereign energy to move around, exist, and create in this world.

When we practice and work with our life force we are able to live in our truest, fullest expression.

awakening your power &
Divine Union Within

Sacred Sexuality

Self leadership is a standard and a requirement for this journey. I encourage all my clients to listen and try on the teachings and practices I offer in our sessions, but only keep what resonates. I will create space and allowance for your heart and mind to remain open in finding a path of discernment for your unique and sovereign truth. I am not here to replace your inner knowing, I am here to support your growth and expansion as you deepen the clear channel for your Higher Self to pour through. Together we are working to calibrate an internal navigation system composed of your heart, your intuition, and your embodied wisdom.

I am here to guide you back into your body to awaken your power

unleashing your sovereignty

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Rose Codes Immersion

The Investment

3 Part In-Person Series:
White Rose: Sunday, October 16th, 12-4pm
Red Rose: Sunday, November 6th, 12-4pm
Pink Rose: Sunday, December 4th, 12-4pm

All sessions will be held in Plaistow, NH.
Email to register. Please check your junk mail if you have not received an email back from me within 48 hours.

payment plans available

What you will need to


Comfy and sensual clothes to move in

A yoga mat, sheepskin (if desired), and blanket

Water bottle & light snack

Journal and a pen

Here are some answers


how intimate are the practices?

The practices we will be moving through will be intimate and there will be practices that you may want to remove parts of your clothing for. You get to decide how you want to go into the teachings! Each practice is completely optional. Just being in the space to receive the teachings and transmissions is life changing.

who is this workshop for

This is for women with vulvas who have a desire to connect deeper with their bodies, intuition, the Feminine Mysteries, and the Priestess Arts.

do you offer refunds 

There are no refunds offered for this program. 

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"Nikki’s methods of allowing oneself to open up on so many different planes was something I have needed and will continue to seek, in order to loosen and let down my inhibitions and feel truly whole as the goddess I am deep down. I highly recommend closing your eyes and fully putting your trust in Nikki's magical hands!"

"I need to work to feel connected to self love, body love, and sexuality. Nikki’s class reminds me of my goddess nature and when it's activated I'm so much happier. Just being in the space with Nikki's codes and the energy between the women helps me remember. And I love how free I feel to express myself through movement sound and breath."

"She holds such a beautiful container where I am able to feel safe and comfortable to dive into the depths of my soul, a space where my questions and curiosities are explored further"