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Through Integrative Embodiment Coaching I create a space for you to access and practice somatic awareness while aligning with holistic healing and sovereignty. I will create and hold the container for you to dive deeper into your own consciousness and open the channels to attune to your body’s inner wisdom.

welcoming you to a sacred container for coaching, healing, mentorship, and quantum leaping

Integrating our shadows
to fully embody our light.

Erica D.

I'm so glad I listened to my gut feeling and decided to work with Nikki. She was a safe and trustworthy guide into the depths of myself and from that journey together I emerged with a new treasure that was there all along but I didn't have the tools or guidance to access it before. Nikki gave me the tools and guidance to access the buried treasure within me and today I feel more empowered and aligned with my true Self unlike never before.

Alyra D.

When I was with Nikki for my one on one womb work she helped create a space where I felt safe enough to reach down into the depths of my womb and extract emotions and hurts that I had been holding on to for years.

Dean C.

With the sexuality work I have done with Nikki I've developed a high level of confidence to gently explore my sexual desires with a positive association in doing so, solidifying clarity in my sexuality. This mind set has spilt into my day to day life leading me to being happier than ever with my confidence and sexual life flourishing.

Testimonial Love

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PEOPLE WHO are excited to make
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Who my services are for

PEOPLE WHO are ready to release old patterns and beliefs to embrace a life full of ease

Who my services are for

PEOPLE WHO desire to fully own their shadows to truly embody their light

Who my services are for

Leia F.

Nikki has had a powerful impact on my personal, professional, and spiritual life. Her coaching program opened up my awareness to the many moving parts of my cycle and the cycle of the cosmos. I feel much more connected to my body and my intuition than before I did this program. Her skillfulness, compassion, curiosity, and commitment made the process so enjoyable. I look forward to continuing working with her! 

Sasha F.

After my work with Nikki I have had the deepest, most wonderful times of visioning, of creativity, of actual REST and RELAXATION, of LISTENING. I feel REPLENISHED instead of DEPLETED.

Christiane R.

I would like to honor Nikki Ananda by saying this: If you are in a place where you need to cut through all the b.s. out there around dishonoring yourself with negative talk, actions, or relationships regarding your Moon Cycles, reach out to her. She has integrity, honesty and radiance and you will engage in heart-to-heart conscious communication. Nikki is a Goddess who truly ‘WALKS HER TALK!’ Her medicine is powerful and comes from her own inner journey of healing. 

Testimonial Love

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Get Rose: Awaken & Rise to the Spiritual Truth

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