Services and Offerings

work with me

Empowerment Through Embodiment, sexuality, and universal law

1-1 Mentorship & Coaching

work with me

A portal of healing and high frequency activation through ceremony, embodiment, and penetrative coaching

Healing and Activation Intensives

Personal Offerings

Live Initiations

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deep initiation into the wisdom and power of the sacred feminine and rose lineage
registration opens March 2022

Magdalene Embodiment Activation

coming soon

embracing shadow and light through the lens of the mother wound, sister wound, and witch wound
Launching summer 2022

The Feminine Wounds

coming soon

For the Queen of the underworld who is ready to become the queen of heaven
Launching summer/fall 2022


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Shakti Embodied Collection

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a deep 44 day Self Led course to reclaiming your sexual and relationship sovereignty

Intimacy Template Reset


Self-Led Journeys

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a Potent Activation to empower transformation through grief
(For all genders)


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aligning with divine feminine wisdom and empowerment through cyclical living

Conscious Menstruation



embodying a life full of pleasure and ease

expanding the channel of your own divine wisdom


embracing your shadows as your teachers

Integrative Embodiment

Christiane R.

I would like to honor Nikki Stearns by saying this: If you are in a place where you need to cut through all the b.s. out there around dishonoring yourself with negative talk, actions, or relationships then reach out to her…Nikki has integrity, honesty and radiance and you will engage in heart-to-heart conscious communication.

Maria F.

Nikki's class taught me to honor my body and beauty. She help me celebrate pleasure and my sensuality. She help me transform beliefs about sex and heal from my past. This work was about slowing down and becoming more present in the moment, indulging myself and truly nurturing all of me. I highly recommend her class to any women who wants to get in touch with her TRUE self. Any women who are desiring to experiment and liberate themselves from shame and guilt about sex and pleasure.

Leanne M.

I am so grateful Nikki was put into my path, she has literally been a beacon of light for me as I’ve been swimming through the dark shark-infested waters of my subconscious mind, and recent life challenges. She was able to not only tell me what I should expect through each stage of my integration process, but was able to shed light on some very challenging situations I found myself in.

Testimonial Love

“i do not wish to change the past
it made me who i am today
i only want to learn from it
and live in a new way” -yung pueblo