Meeting the love of your life can be an ego-shattering, identity crushing whirl of an experience. The happily-ever-after exists, but you must be ready for a certain level of Sacrifice it requires to fall into that devotion.

Initiation Into Commitment

In this episode Nikki and Nalaya talk about their journey and experience in finding true love. Breaking free of the archetype of the "strong independent woman" to call in a devoted masculine partner.

Nikki Found True Love

Nikki joins Christy in the deepest, juiciest, soul-remembering conversation that literally left Christy in tears. You will feel this conversation in the cells of your being.

The Feminine Mysteries

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when hustle meets flow by christy dole

dare to love by Nalaya chakana

Dare to Love by nalaya chakana

What is an initiation of the Sacred Feminine? What did Danielle learn from the class? What did Daniela learn from the one-on-one sessions?

To Be Embodied is to Be Attuned to Our Senses

What illusions are you living in? In today's world focused on science instead of connection with source, messages can be distorted.

Sacred Feminine Embodiment

In this intimate episode we talk about our personal relationship with our bodies. Specifically our breasts and the importance of self-pleasure, especially if you are experiencing numbness of any kind.

Let's Talk About Breasts

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Get Rose: Awaken & Rise to the Spiritual Truth

Get Rose: Awaken & Rise to the Spiritual Truth