Magdalene Embodiment Activation

a journey into the womb, pleasure, and sacred sexuality 

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The Magdalene Embodiment Activation registration applications will be open in Fall 2022! 

The Magdalene Embodiment Activation container serves as the midwife for you to unlock your wild feminine wisdom and power. We will be on a 12 week journey together in community, moving through 3 sections and 12 modules. Every week we meet live for 2 hours on Zoom where we ground and check in, receive the teachings and transmissions, then explore embodiment practices and meditations to deeply integrate the knowledge into embodied wisdom. The live sessions allow spaciousness for women to share their personal experiences, insights, and ask questions. We each have our own set of unique codes and sharing our stories with one another further supports the awakening of the Divine Feminine.

Embodying the Divine Channel for the Sacred Feminine

activating our divine powers of manifestation

sacred sexuality


unlocking the secrets to our pleasure

sexual reclamation


awakening the codes to the feminine mysteries

womb attunement


The Womb Attunement is the foundational step towards reclaiming your sovereignty, creativity, and sexual expression. Our womb is our manifestation center.  It holds our most sacred power. This section of our journey reconnects us deeply to the divine place where the unseen is born into the seen, where our visions become manifested into the material plane. In the Womb Attunement we will be exploring our connection to archetypes, cycles, and inner magic. We will be learning how to deepen Womb Consciousness and be aligned with our wild feminine nature.

the portal between the seen and unseen realms

Womb Attunement

Sexual Reclamation is structured to awaken and embody sensuality and pleasure. Pleasure is not luxury but truly a necessary part of healthy embodiment. Pleasure allows us to reprogram our nervous systems and remove ourselves from habitual tendencies that hold us back from living the lives that we truly desire. We will be exploring accurate sex education from proper anatomy to the expansion of pleasure throughout our 5 senses. This process allows us to bring the wisdom and power of the womb to radiate through our cells as we reclaim our bodies in whole.  When we begin to attune ourselves to the frequency of pleasure, we begin to call in more pleasure in ALL areas of our lives!

A journey through anatomy, our senses, and pleasure

Sexual Reclamation

The final section of our journey is incorporating our wombs and our pleasure for emerging in Sacred Sexuality and learning the foundations of sex magic. Sex magic is when we are using our vital, life force, sexual, and kundalini energy to align ourselves with the life we desire to live. Through this practical segment you will learn specific breathing techniques, pelvic floor exercises, and ritual practices that will empower you to become fully embodied with your desire and creative power. We will be learning how to bridge the quantum world to the physical world by using our sexual energy as the vehicle to manifest more experiences of vitality, healing, love, joy, and elevated feelings into our life.

channeling our sexual energy to become embodied in our magic 

Introduction to Sacred Sexuality

My initiation into the sacred feminine was hugely profound. I learned so much on how to safely surrender in a setting where it isn’t forced like a crashing wave, but with intention and choice. I learned to have consent with my body and how this small element relates to all the energy I allow in and out of my auric field. I learned a plethora of embodiment practices and a profound amount of information related to my womb, sensuality and sexuality that has empowered me in my own spiritual growth and healing. 

Testimonial Love

I'm blown away at my transformation throughout the last 12 weeks of this program. The energy and magic that Nikki brings to her work is truly alchemical. Just being in the container produced massive shifts within me that I couldn't be more joyous about! For the first time in my life I started to embrace my feminine energy, which has brought so much peace and ease to my being; I can actually feel and am building a relationship with my womb!  It has healed my relationship with women as a whole which is mind blowing.

Testimonial Love

I wasn't sure what to expect from this class but it exceeded all expectations! Nikki is an excellent teacher and facilitator, she is incredibly knowledgeable and creates a safe space for people to learn and grow. I feel very empowered in my body and my sexuality after taking this class. I learned concepts and practices in the class that will help me continue to grow over the next several years. I had a wonderful group of people to do the work with and I am grateful for the experience I had with Nikki and everyone in the class.  

Testimonial Love

After going through this program with Nikki, I have learned so much about my body. I was having pain during intercourse for almost 2 years and within the first few weeks of this program I learned practices that made those pains go away! I've also learned so many new skills to keep in my tool belt to help me clear my womb and my overall energy. I feel more comfortable in my skin and more confident in my sensuality and sexuality. I am so grateful for Nikki and all of her teachings. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to dive deeper into your sensuality, heal your womb and to fully trust in your body.

Testimonial Love

real life

Client Reflections

We are here to experience life as individuals while simultaneously holding the truth that we are all One. The Mysteries of the Divine Feminine reveal to us the paradoxes of life where we hold the truths one Oneness and separation at the same time. To journey on the path of the Divine Feminine embodied, we unlock the power that has been within us all along.

Our Womb, Our Sensuality, Our Sexuality.

I am here to guide you deeper into the Divine Feminine Mysteries

embodying your wild feminine archetypes

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Personal experiences are encouraged to be shared in our space so we can be inspired by each other's Sacred Feminine wisdom codes 

community support and sharing


You will be given a practices to continue to deepen your connection to the Sacred Feminine

integrative embodiment practices


Each week we will meet twice for 1-2 hours where we check in as a group, receive the teachings of the module, and go into the embodiment practice

12 module calls


how it all works

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Payment Plan Option 2

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One Time Payment

3 Month Program

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Payment Plan Option 1

The Investment

• 12 Live Modules
• Additional Group Integration Calls
•Somatic & Energetic Practices
• 1 Year Access to the Portal
• PDFs for Each Module
• Downloadable Practices
*applications will need to be approved before payment is collected

12 Live Modules
• Additional Group Integration Calls
•Somatic & Energetic Practices
• 1 Year Access to the Portal
• PDFs for Each Module
• Downloadable Practices
*applications will need to be approved before payment is collected

• 12 Live Modules
• Additional Group Integration Calls
•Somatic & Energetic Practices
• 1 Year Access to the Portal
• PDFs for Each Module
•Downloadable Practices
*applications will need to be approved before payment is collected

You're beyond                to...


Attune to your most powerful energetic center, your Womb

Deepen your exploration and innerstanding of the Feminine Mysteries

Heal your lineage and ancestral karma

Reclaim your sensuality and pleasure

Empower your sexuality infused with magic

recorded practices and meditations

1 Year access to the Portal

Additional group integration calls

12 live modules

What you will need to


If you have a menstrual cycle, please begin to track your cycle days starting with "Day 1" as the first day of your blood

A basal thermometer (goes to the 10th degree ex: 98.68)

A curved yoni wand (crystal wands are even better!)

Organic unrefined coconut oil

A journal that is specifically for your cycle tracking, note taking, and to write insights and downloads from the practices

Connection to a Spotify Premium account to access playlists without commercials

"Nikki is a true spiritual guide that helped me breakthrough and expand my mindset and capabilities."

"I’ve never met anyone who has given me such straight-forward, no BS advice that I could immediately apply to my life for instant relief. I needed help and she was more than I could have hoped for."

"She holds such a beautiful container where I am able to feel safe and comfortable to dive into the depths of my soul, a space where my questions and curiosities are explored further"


Let's work together

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what is the kajabi portal

The Kajabi portal is where you will find the theme for each week. You will find the zoom link for our session, the video recording after the session, practices, and assignments here.

Is this program only for cis-women

This program is for people who have vulvas and desire a deeper connection with the Sacred Feminine. The anatomy and principles of Sacred Sexuality that we cover are focused on the Yoni. Some of the language used, such as "sister" and "women," can be triggering for those who do not fully identify as a woman. That being said, I invite this to be a space where we explore the relationship of the Sacred Feminine at the intersection of womanhood, beyond the oppressive constructs of gender.

what if i cannot make the live sessions

All sessions will be recorded and assignments will be posted in the Kajabi portal. 

will you offer refunds if i cannot attend

There are no refunds offered for this program. All sessions will be recorded and put on the portal so you will not miss any of the content.