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Energy and bodywork sessions are held in Plaistow, NH. If you are interested in hearing more or booking a 1:1 session please fill out an intake form linked below and I will send you an email within 48 hours. Please check your junk mail if you have not received an email from me within 3 days.

The Venusian Temple sessions are specifically focused on healing through Sacred Feminine embodiment and the Feminine Mysteries.

These sessions are deep, intimate bodywork, yet the depth of energy healing, spiritual awakening, and ancestral clearing that occurs through the somatic process is what is most impactful. 

Our sexual energy is our life-force, our kundalini, our prana, our chi. So much of our energy can remain stagnant, stuck, or blocked in these main feminine centers. Through healing and sacred touch, we remember our wholeness.

The womb work supports with tapping into primordial feminine power, deepening our intuition, easing menstruation challenges, menopausal support, postpartum care, fertility support, and connection to true feminine energy and creative power. This is also the portal where we access the most beautiful and mysterious aspects of the soul and the collective feminine spirit.

The heart dearmoring generates more electromagnetic flow in the heart field while softening and opening to the frequency of love. This is where a lot of grief is stored and released, although the womb is also a powerful grief portal.

The throat clearing supports coming into the voice and speaking truth, along with healing all facets of the witch wound. We often carry trauma from many lifetimes and collective remembrances of with witch trials where women were beheaded or hung, cutting us off from the Zeal Point- The Mouth of God.

The jaw is where we are supported to release the tension, impact, and clenching that we carry from birth well into our adult years. When we are born into this world we are moved through the womb with an intense amount of pressure and clenching of the jaw. Even if we are born though c-section we are impacted by this initial tension.

The Feminine Centers:
Jaw, Throat, Heart, & Womb

Venusian Temple Arts & Bodywork Sessions

We come together to the Temple of the Rose to reclaim our Sacred Feminine Magic. Working with the divine aspects of Venus we call in her power, beauty, love, sensuality, and the anchoring in of the Solar Feminine. Our experience ignites an activation through the senses as we land and fully come into our bodies. Using movement, breath, and sound we deepen into the body and awaken the sacred codes that we carry as women.

Heal your ancestral lineage through Sacred Touch

Awaken your power through reclaiming Erotic Innocence  

Open your heart and womb to radiate your Divine Light

Are you ready to

Venusian Temple Arts

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Rose Empress Initiation

intake form


-jaw & Throat clearing 
-Heart & Womb awakening
-sacred sound
*Packages available

Rose Womb Heart Session

Venusian Temple Arts & Bodywork Sessions

-Jaw & throat clearing
-Heart, Womb, & yoni awakening
-sacred sound
*Packages available

intake form

Intake form

intake form

90-120 Minutes

3-4 Hour Session

Through our alignment with Venus and the Lineage of the Rose we are welcomed home to beauty, sensuality, and Divine Love. Liberating ourselves from the Old Paradigm to become the midwives of the New Earth through each of our Sacred Temples is such a powerful piece of our dharma.
Our greatest service is to become fully integrated within our bodies as we walk the Beauty Way.

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