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A 3 month container to
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feminine power

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Embodied is a 3 month integration container designed to deepen your relationship & embodiment of the Sacred Feminine.

When we come onto this path of unleashing our feminine power & magic the first step will always be to immerse ourselves in information.

We read the books, we go to the masterclasses, we live inspired.

But the journey does not stop in the mind.

It is only through our embodiment that we can set the world on fire.
That we can sustainably transform.

In an age that is information dense we need to consciously create the space for our integration so that Sacred Teachings have time to land in our body.

Our integration is our integrity.

No matter where you are on your journey, there is always another deepening.

Embodied is a space for all wombyn who desire to be held in a container to deepen into their sacred power while awakening to a path full of awe & wonder as we journey through the Feminine Mysteries.

Embodied is a space where we will explore how these Mysteries exist holographically & multidimensionally throughout all facets of life so that you may be empowered & radiating in your full magic through all relationships & experiences.

When we come to this work as a collective of wombyn, our healing & reclamation takes off at exponential rates. There is no magic like wombyn gathering together for healing. We receive wisdom & insights from both being witnessed & being the witness. This is an opportunity for growth beyond personal belief.

If you are a practitioner or healer, this is where you will deepen your qualifications for practice. To be immersed in transformational space that is devoted to women thriving in their embodiment, all through disrupting societal norms, is a unique experience that could never be learned through information alone.

This is the integration
You are the innovation.


This program is deeply supportive for the wombyn who have received the free 3 part transmission, Conscious Menstruation & Cyclical Alchemy, the Healing Through the Feminine Wounds program, &/or Prosperous Priestess: The Intensive. These programs are not necessary prerequisites but they will be incredibly beneficial contexts when coming into this journey.

Integration & Transformation

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evolution & expansion



community & accountability



exploring & practicing



Moving beyond the layers of intellectualization to authentically embody your power & magic

Embodying your unique expression & voice in the New Paradigm

Learning & growing while being witness & witnessed by wombyn on the path

It is one thing to be immersed in information.
It is another thing to become the innovation through integration.

Along the journey of our evolution we are met by teachers who light up our path with their torch. But it is not just about seeing the path, it is all about awakening to our own torch.

Integration is what comes after information. How do we take eternal wisdom & find our own embodiment of it's Truth?

When we commit to Feminine Embodiment we awaken inner gnosis that can never be taken away from us. We find our true power & voice in a world filled with indoctrination & replication.

It is my intention that this container serves you in deepening into your own relationship with the Sacred Teachings & Mystery School of Life. It is my intention that being immersed in this work will bring you into a reclamation that lights your entire world on fire. And from there you may become the beacon of healing light for all who cross your path.

It starts with YOU.

With your embodiment. With your integration.

Then you become the innovation.

Moving beyond the mind and into the body

Journey of Integration

My services will guide you into embodying your power & radiance through coaching, mentorship, ceremony, & sacred temple arts.

I have devoted many years to healing, receiving, & apprenticing with elders in my spiritual communities. I have had the privilege of being immersed in sacred ceremonies that initiated my becoming as a guide into the Feminine Mysteries.

Embodiment is the key foundation in my offerings, always bringing forward practical components. I will support you in expanding your nervous system’s capacity to hold & anchor radiance within every atom of your being through somatic awareness, plant medicine integration, & sexological bodywork.

I deeply believe that entrepreneurship is a Sacred Mission. I am very passionate about supporting women in grounding & evolving their businesses while embodying streams of abundance, prosperity, & soul-fulfilling wealth.

Let's create together!

I am here to guide you back into your body to awaken your power

unleashing your sovereignty

I'm so ready!

I'm ready!

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A Group Coaching

The Investment

-12 Zoom Meetings 
-Access to Replays
-Conversations for Deepening into
Feminine Embodiment &
Mystery School Teachings
-Hot Seat Coaching
-Group Messenger Thread

or $555/month

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Prosperous Priestess:
The Intensive + EMBODIED 

Prosperous Priestess:
-6 Zoom Meetings 
-Access to Replays

EMBODIED: 3 Month Container
-12 Group Coaching & Integration Zoom Meetings

-Group Messenger Thread

For 4 months

More info on
Prosperous Priestess here

Here are some answers


What is the format of this program

This is a 12 session group coaching program. This group container is for women who are desiring to move and grow intimately within community. 

You will have access to personalized coaching in a group setting while also receiving the gifts of growing in sisterhood, learning through witness and relating to others, and heart-centered community support.

who is this for

This container is for anyone who identifies as a woman &/or beings who were born with a womb and desires to deepen with community and sisterhood into embodiment & the Feminine Mysteries.

do you offer refunds 

There are no refunds offered for this program. 

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"Nikki’s methods of allowing oneself to open up on so many different planes was something I have needed and will continue to seek, in order to loosen and let down my inhibitions and feel truly whole as the goddess I am deep down. I highly recommend closing your eyes and fully putting your trust in Nikki's magical hands!"

"I need to work to feel connected to self love, body love, and sexuality. Nikki’s class reminds me of my goddess nature and when it's activated I'm so much happier. Just being in the space with Nikki's codes and the energy between the women helps me remember. And I love how free I feel to express myself through movement sound and breath."

"She holds such a beautiful container where I am able to feel safe and comfortable to dive into the depths of my soul, a space where my questions and curiosities are explored further"