Intimacy Template Reset

A 44 Day journey to clear Your feminine centers

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Every time we open our hearts and our bodies to another person we receive imprints and coding. We are meant to evolve through receiving and integrating these imprints, but oftentimes instead, we continue to play out cycles and repeat relationship patterns. These cycles and karmic patterns can leave us feeling depleted in our energy. We are meant to alchemize all of our intimate experiences, consensual and non-consensual exchange, and be the clear channel so we can continue to radiate love and attract the type of connections and relationships we truly desire. When we are consciously aligning our body, our temple, to self love and clarity, we are able to attract more expansive and pleasurable experiences into our lives.

Through the Intimacy Template Reset program we take back our personal power to claim our sovereignty as we restore our bodies back to their pure expression of Divine Love.

This 44 Day deep immersive journey gives you the somatic practices for clearing your physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual bodies from all past lovers.

When women are intimate with men it is said that the impression of his DNA stays in her body for 7 years.

This biological adaptation serves women who become pregnant and are raising a child who shares the father’s DNA. With the father’s DNA held within her, she is able to understand better how to parent the child.

Unfortunately, when we live in a sexually unhealed world, the damage cost of this adaptation usually outweighs the good.

Thousands of years ago, women had the teachings and wisdom of how to keep their bodies sovereign from the imprints of lovers.

Women knew how to clear their Body Temples, specifically their wombs, and use sexual alchemy in the highest light.

The ancient temples were places of deep sexual healing, and the priestesses serving in these temple arts were held in high regard.

Sex was used to take the war out of men.

The masculine was aligned with the essence of Mars, and it was healthy for men to be working with the energy of war towards alchemy.

Keeping this Martian energy in balance was where women came into service through the essence of Venus.

During the Iron Age, the masculine power began to use force and assert their will over women.

Through time, the ways that women knew how to keep their wombs clear from taking on the energies of men became lost.

This is when I believe STI’s came to manifest.

Women lost their sacred practices of releasing the DNA and coding from the masculine.

They would start to take on the shadow qualities of the men, exalt the shadow qualities within themselves as a form of protection, and sexual arts became a form of dark magic.

The womb is the center of ALL creation.

When our wombs were no longer returning to their natural clear, Divine, and pure state we started to amplify a world full of distortion, inversion, and shadow.

We are in a time now where we are restoring our Sacred Body Temples to the highest degree.

Women, once again, are allowed to speak the Word of God. We are no longer in danger of being executed for being in the light of the Holy Father.

Our throats can only fully open to the Word of God when our yoni, womb, and hearts are being cleared from the ancestral patterns, personal karmas, and imprints of lovers.

Our sovereignty is reclaimed through clearing our Intimacy Template.

We come back to our Divine Blueprint as we release not only our own relational and sexual karmas, but the karmas/traumas that we have gathered through the people that we have taken on as lovers.

There is a high importance of clearing the energies of people who have entered our temples without full embodied consent. And I am not only talking about forced sexual encounters. It is important to recognize and take responsibility for the trauma that occurs when our body says no but we say yes and bypass the body’s wisdom.

The Intimacy Template Reset program is a 44 day journey where I guide you back into your embodied sovereignty. This is a path of empowered reclamation so that you can feel your Divinity and purity embodied while returning to Erotic Innocence.

A Sacred Container to Restore Balance and Bring Healing
Through Divine Intimacy with Self

Integrate the powerful elements of ritual and ceremony to bridge the worlds of the seen and unseen, subconscious and conscious

ritual and ceremony


Embodying intimate practices to cleanse and embody deeper self love

somatic sex Education and sacred sexuality


Bringing a strong anchor through the womb, heart, and throat

working with the central channel


Our heart is our connection to all life around us. Every time we enter an embrace with someone we are sharing our heart's energy. Over time we can begin to collect the energies from others and it begins to filter our energy as we navigate in the world. Clearing the heart center is essential to show up in our Divine Nature and be in highest service to ourselves and those around us. Our breasts are direct extensions of our heart. We will be focusing on breast care and how to deepen connection of our spiritual, mental, emotional, and energetic wellness through the physical body.

Restoring the resilient heart

Heart Clearing

The womb is our center of creation and dissolution. In our current times we have not been taught how to clear our womb and instead of it functioning as a portal for healing and manifestation it has become a place to store trauma. We will be working with deep external and internal practices to restore the womb to it's divinity. Through Somatic Sex Education and Sacred Sexuality we will be rebalancing the womb template to serve as our place of empowerment. These practices will continue to serve you through the rest of your life as you deepen into your feminine embodiment.

bringing the womb back to it's pure creative nature

Womb Clearing

Our throat is directly connected to our genitals. The amount of expansion in one center is related to the amount of openness in the other. We have been taught to stay quiet, be "the good girl," and have been disempowered in speaking our truth. Because of the depth that these behaviors have been rooted in our psyche there have been many times that we have been in situations that were, in fact, nonconsensual. We will be restoring the voice by bringing back our ability to stand clear in our boundaries, in what we desire, and saying NO to everything that is not that.

taking back your voice to call in your desires

Throat Clearing

Nikki is a beautiful, soulful, magical teacher and facilitator with the biggest smile and heart. 
She is a treasure trove of divine feminine wisdom, sacred sexuality practices, and ceremonial rituals of self-love and intimacy. 
I am forever grateful for the work I did with Nikki as it truly led to a spiritual, sacred, and intimate awakening.

Testimonial Love

This intimacy program has helped me free myself from the memory imprint of emotional trauma in my body. Nikki’s practices evoked a deep healing at the core root of my wounds. I was able to soften, open, feel and allow. I used to feel numb, disconnected, stuck in my head and unsure how to connect to my body, sensations and pleasure. Now I feel free of many of the bodily and emotional blockages that had been holding me back from experiencing deeper intimacy in my daily life.

I am now self-aware and I am re-establish boundaries and continuing to implement the lovely and healing practices she taught me for self-soothing and de-armoring my yoni and heart.

Testimonial Love

At 60 years old I have years of buried sexual wounding and secrets that I have ignored. However, I recently started a self-love journey and I knew this program would be an integral part of that work. It would open up my feelings and transform my relationship with my body and sexuality. We delved into the deepest wells of my sexuality and sensuality. I released a lifetime of feeling unworthy, unlovable/unloved, and unseen. Nikki guided me gently, compassionately, and lovingly out of my comfort zone to a place of self-love. 

Testimonial Love

This program has changed my life. It is some of the most important and deep work I have ever done. I continue to use these practices and find new layers of clearing. The results of this work were instant. I was able to let go of energies that were there from relationships and sexual partners. I could literally see and feel them being cleansed from my energy. 

Testimonial Love

real life

Client Reflections

This is an intensive program focused on somatic healing and reclamation. We will be working with potent physical practices and activations that start in the body. We will be healing the imprints on a cellular level. This is a journey for those who are committed to doing the daily practices and are deeply ready to clear the past history of lovers, partners, and all relationships that have taken us away from our true power and authentic desire. This is moving out of karmic relationship patterns and into the embodiment of the Creatrix who is ready to embrace intimacy with a clear template.

I am here to guide you back to Embodying Divine Love

44 days of deep practice for clearing your channel and reclaiming your sovereignty

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Guidance and focus for the mind to support the body while doing this deep work

reflection and contemplation promPts


You will be given a daily practice to continue throughout the 44 days along with many other life changing practices that you will continue to use long after completing this program

daily practices


You will be guided through 7 modules to support you in resetting your intimacy template and expanding in being a channel for your sovereign power

7 recorded teachings


how it all works

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44 Day Program

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• 7 Pre Recorded Modules
• Pre Recorded Guided
Practices & Rituals
• PDFs to Support Your
Journey & Practice

• 7 Pre Recorded Modules
• Pre Recorded Guided
Practices & Rituals
• PDFs to Support Your
Journey & Practices

• 7 Pre Recorded Modules
• Pre Recorded Guided
Practices & Rituals
• PDFs to Support Your
Journey & Practice

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1:1 Upgrade options here

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Clear the subconscious programs and patterns

Call in new partnership rooted in Self Love 

Show up in your existing relationship in sovereignty & Divine Love

Release imprints from your physical body and heal at a cellular level

Fill your toolbox with instant result practices that will continue to serve you in all your relationships

 practices you will use For a lifetime

Video Modules and Transmissions

ability to tune in and go at your own pace

7 recorded modules with somatic practices

What you will need to


Commit to 44 Days of at least 15 minutes of daily practice

An obsidian yoni egg

A curved yoni wand (crystal wands are even better!)

Organic unrefined coconut oil

A journal 

"Nikki’s methods of allowing oneself to open up on so many different planes was something I have needed and will continue to seek, in order to loosen and let down my inhibitions and feel truly whole as the goddess I am deep down. I highly recommend closing your eyes and fully putting your trust in Nikki's magical hands!"

"I need to work to feel connected to self love, body love, and sexuality. Nikki’s class reminds me of my goddess nature and when it's activated I'm so much happier. Just being in the space with Nikki's codes and the energy between the women helps me remember. And I love how free I feel to express myself through movement sound and breath."

"She holds such a beautiful container where I am able to feel safe and comfortable to dive into the depths of my soul, a space where my questions and curiosities are explored further"


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what if I cannot make it live

All sessions will be recorded and posted within 24 hours. There will be a group thread so you will be able to connect and interact to support deepening into the transformation.

Is this program only for cis-women

This program is for people who have vulvas. The anatomy and principles of Sacred Sexuality that we cover are focused on the Yoni. Some of the language used, such as "sister" and "women" can be triggering for those who do not fully identify as a woman. That being said, I invite this to be a space where we explore the relationship of the Sacred Feminine at the intersection of womanhood, beyond the oppressive constructs of gender.

How is the course paced?

There are 7 modules over the 44. days. I suggest doing one module a week and not moving any quicker than that. There is a daily practice introduces in Module 1 that you should commit to finishing to receive the full benefits of this work. As long as that 44 day commitment is in place you can take longer to complete each of the following modules. 

do you offer refunds 

There are no refunds offered for this program.