Shakti Embodied Collection

An Introduction into sacred sexuality & deepening into sexual healing

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The Shakti Embodied Collection serves as 3 part activation sequence bringing empowerment through Mindful Erotic Practice. These 6 sessions of transmissions & practices will ignite a life full of deeper wisdom, embodiment, and trust in surrender into the Feminine Mysteries. This collection holds 3 transmissions and 3 Mindful Erotic Practice sessions to take you deeper into your relationship with your sexual energy & personal power.

Whether you are new on the path of Sacred Sexuality & Sexual Reclamation, or well seasoned & desiring to deepen, this work is for all wombyn who are ready to break through to their next layers of personal power,

There are 3 layers of deepening into this journey.

The 1st transmission is all about the art of Mindful Erotic Practice. In a culture that has distorted & lost purity in pleasure, this work is fundamental on the path of healing & personal power reclamation. We explore & discover why pleasure is a necessity for our ability to thrive in life. We go through the depths of the signature practice, Mindful Erotic Practice, & inspire the "why" we are called to this healing path. 

The 2nd transmission is all about feeling safety & pleasure. We explore the felt sense of boundaries through an embodied journey practice while understanding the differences between sensuality & sexuality. How do we heal from the collective wounding of premature penetration? This session is a powerful step towards sexual healing & reclamation. Finding safety & security in owning & embodying your sexual power.

The 3rd transmission is about learning to use your desires & pleasure as your magnetism. Our sexual energy is our creative energy. When we can tap into this power, we become the magnet for our heart's desires. In this session we go into an embodied journey practice for you to tune into the desire & practice aligning your pleasure to your magnetism. Connecting to the version of yourself you desire on the path of becoming.

This is an intimate journey of coming home in your body. The teachings are grounded in opening up your center of creation, your womb, and your sexuality. Reclaiming your power and living a life full of pleasure. Each transmission is accompanied with a Mindful Erotic Practice session. You will have access to an opening meditation &. pelvic floor activation before coming into the musically guides journey.

Please Note: These sessions were recorded live in a group setting & have been edited to clip out the personal shares of the women who attended live.

Activating Your Sacred Sexual Power

working with frequency, law of attraction, & pleasure magnetism

desire & manifestation


deepening into understanding of boundaries & personal power

Safety in pleasure


the foundational practice of the work

Mindful Erotic Practice


Through Mindful Erotic Practice, exploring safety in pleasure, and aligning with desire & embodied pleasure, this activation sequence is a powerful tool to embody more ease & pleasure in life.

Doing the personal work is foundational. It is most important in these times that we come together and support living a life full of pleasure while not shying away from the shadows. There is no magic that can compare to women coming together and claiming their power. 

awakening your power &
Divine Union Within

Sacred Sexuality

My services will guide you into embodying your power & radiance through coaching, mentorship, ceremony, & sacred temple arts.

I have devoted many years to healing, receiving, & apprenticing with elders in my spiritual communities. I have had the privilege of being immersed in sacred ceremonies that initiated my becoming as a guide into the Feminine Mysteries.

Embodiment is the key foundation in my offerings, always bringing forward practical components. I will support you in expanding your nervous system’s capacity to hold & anchor radiance within every atom of your being through somatic awareness, plant medicine integration, & sexological bodywork.

I deeply believe that entrepreneurship is a Sacred Mission. I am very passionate about supporting women in grounding & evolving their businesses while embodying streams of abundance, prosperity, & soul-fulfilling wealth.

Let's create together!

I am here to guide you back into your body to awaken your power

unleashing your sovereignty

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Shakti Embodied Collection

The Investment

• 3 Teachings & Transmissions
•3 Guided Mindful Erotic Practices
• Spotify Playlists to Support You Through Your Personal Practice
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Own your power and ability to navigate life in pleasure

Deepen your exploration of sexuality & how it touches all aspects of life

Heal your lineage & ancestral karma

Fully embody your sensuality, sexuality, & pleasure

Awaken your sexuality infused with magic

What you will need to


A journal that is specifically for your cycle tracking, journal prompts, note taking, and to write reflections from the practices

Create a sacred space for the Mindful Erotic Practices

Organic unrefined coconut oil

Connection to a Spotify Premium account to access playlists without commercials is useful but not necessary

"Nikki’s methods of allowing oneself to open up on so many different planes was something I have needed and will continue to seek, in order to loosen and let down my inhibitions and feel truly whole as the goddess I am deep down. I highly recommend closing your eyes and fully putting your trust in Nikki's magical hands!"

"I need to work to feel connected to self love, body love, and sexuality. Nikki’s class reminds me of my goddess nature and when it's activated I'm so much happier. Just being in the space with Nikki's codes and the energy between the women helps me remember. And I love how free I feel to express myself through movement sound and breath."

"She holds such a beautiful container where I am able to feel safe and comfortable to dive into the depths of my soul, a space where my questions and curiosities are explored further"


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what is the format

The Kajabi portal is where you will find the content for each session. You will be able to go at your own pace.

Is this workshop only for cis-women

This program is for people who have vulvas and desire a deeper connection with the Sacred Feminine. The anatomy and principles of Sacred Sexuality that we cover are focused on the Yoni. Some of the language used, such as "sister" and "women," can be triggering for those who do not fully identify as a woman. That being said, I invite this to be a space where we explore the relationship of the Sacred Feminine at the intersection of womanhood, beyond the oppressive constructs of gender.

what is the mindful erotic practice

There is no one way to be in mindful erotic practice! It can look like yoga, dancing, massage, and intimate touch. It can look like crying, laughing, toning, and singing. It is ever expansive and ever expressive. You will be given a specific outline of the practice when you enter the workshop.

do you offer refunds 

There are no refunds offered for this program.