Magdalene Embodiment Activation

a journey into the feminine mysteries and Priestess Temple Arts

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Calls will be on Tuesdays at 6pm EST
November 22nd-February 7th

The Magdalene Embodiment Activation is a program to attune you to the Sacred Feminine Mysteries and Priestess Temple Arts. This container serves as the midwife for you to unlock your wild feminine wisdom and power while on the Priestess Path. We will be on a 12 week journey together in community, moving through 3 sections and 12 modules. Every week we meet live on Zoom where we ground in, receive teachings and transmissions, and explore embodiment practices and meditations that will support and integrate this sacred wisdom. Together we will journey through the 3 sections, activating "Feminine Mysteries & Venusian Rose Attunement," "Body Temple Reclamation," and "Sacred Sexuality & Divine Embodiment."

This is an EMBODIMENT ACTIVATION program! This means we will have just as much emphasis on the somatic practices as we will the sacred knowledge teachings. We will be anchoring into how to embody these teachings and wisdom and walk in deeper harmony with life. The practices you will be given will serve a lifetime of deepening into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries and your Divine Embodiment.

Activating your Divine Power on the Priestess Path

activating our divinity through energetic mastery, polarity, manifestation, and Universal Law

sacred sexuality & Divine Embodiment


healing and alchemizing through our sacred feminine embodiment

body temple reclamation


awakening the codes of the mysteries and the power of our womb

Feminine mysteries & Venusian rose attunement


Calls will be on tuesdays at 6pm EST, November 22nd- February 7th

We will begin our journey diving into the history of the Venusian Rose path and awakening the journey into the Feminine Mysteries. Through this first section we will be deepening into womb work and healing through the Feminine Wounds. Womb attunement is a foundational step towards reclaiming sovereignty, creativity, and sexual empowerment. Our womb is our manifestation center.  It holds our most sacred power. This section of our journey reconnects us deeply to the divine place where the unseen is born into the seen, where our visions become manifested into the material plane. As we calibrate to the power held within our wombs, we will also be learning how to transmute and heal the core 4 Feminine Wounds.

awakening the sacred feminine path wisdom and teachings that are both ancient and eternal 

Feminine Mysteries & Venusian Rose Attunemt

Our body is our most sacred temple. When we are in right relationship with our body and sexuality, we become clear channels for our Divine power. This segment is structured to awaken and embody sensuality and pleasure. Pleasure allows us to reprogram our nervous systems and remove the subconscious patterns that sabotage and hold us back from living the life we truly desire. We will be exploring somatic sex education and the expansion of embodied pleasure through transmission and practice. We will be removing the blocks, barriers, and armor that we have stored in the cells of our bodies while learning how to expand our capacity to hold even more pleasure, desire, and gratitude. Through pleasure our magnetism ignites!

A journey through our sacred feminine centers, our senses, and deepening into pleasure

Body Temple Reclamation

The final section of our journey is incorporating our wisdom from living within the realms of the Feminine Mysteries while navigating with our pleasure to emerge into Divine Embodiment. Sacred Sexuality is grounded in knowing how to channel our life force, sexual, kundalini energy to align ourselves with our Soul's deepest desires. This segment holds teachings and practices that anchor us into our highest embodied path while learning to move and take action from our alignment. We will be exploring how to bridge the quantum world to the physical world with energetic mastery and Universal Law. Through the deepening of these practices and attuning to our own relationship with the Holy Father, Holy Mother, and Holy Child, we become the conduits to create Heaven on Earth.

channeling our sexual energy to become embodied in our creative magic and instruments of the divine 

Sacred Sexuality & Divine Embodiment

My initiation into the sacred feminine was hugely profound. I learned so much on how to safely surrender in a setting where it isn’t forced like a crashing wave, but with intention and choice. I learned to have consent with my body and how this small element relates to all the energy I allow in and out of my auric field. I learned a plethora of embodiment practices and a profound amount of information related to my womb, sensuality and sexuality that has empowered me in my own spiritual growth and healing. 

Testimonial Love

I'm blown away at my transformation throughout the last 12 weeks of this program. The energy and magic that Nikki brings to her work is truly alchemical. Just being in the container produced massive shifts within me that I couldn't be more joyous about! For the first time in my life I started to embrace my feminine energy, which has brought so much peace and ease to my being; I can actually feel and am building a relationship with my womb!  It has healed my relationship with women as a whole which is mind blowing.

Testimonial Love

I wasn't sure what to expect from this class but it exceeded all expectations! Nikki is an excellent teacher and facilitator, she is incredibly knowledgeable and creates a safe space for people to learn and grow. I feel very empowered in my body and my sexuality after taking this class. I learned concepts and practices in the class that will help me continue to grow over the next several years. I had a wonderful group of people to do the work with and I am grateful for the experience I had with Nikki and everyone in the class.  

Testimonial Love

After going through this program with Nikki, I have learned so much about my body. I was having pain during intercourse for almost 2 years and within the first few weeks of this program I learned practices that made those pains go away! I've also learned so many new skills to keep in my tool belt to help me clear my womb and my overall energy. I feel more comfortable in my skin and more confident in my sensuality and sexuality. I am so grateful for Nikki and all of her teachings. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to dive deeper into your sensuality, heal your womb and to fully trust in your body.

Testimonial Love

real life

Client Reflections

We are here to experience life as individuals while simultaneously holding the truth that we are all One. The Mysteries of the Divine Feminine reveal to us the paradoxes of life where we hold the truths one Oneness and individuality at the same time. To journey on the path of the Divine Feminine embodied, we unlock the power that has been within us all along.

Our Womb, Our Sensuality, Our Sexuality.

All of my programs are run in Mystery School format.
This means there is a deep emphasis in allowing life to initiate us through the teachings. When our Soul commits to a program and journey, we can be sure that life will give us the exact experiences we need to further deepen into our own embodied wisdom and integration of these sacred teachings.

I am here to guide you deeper into the Divine Feminine Mysteries

embodying your wild feminine archetypes

i'm in!

We will have a group messaging thread to continue to deepen by sharing our experiences and connections throughout the journey.

community connection support


You will be given homework and practices to continue to deepen your connection to the Feminine Mysteries and your Sacred Embodiment.

integrative embodiment practices


We will be meeting on Zoom once a week for 1-2 hours. Modules will vary in length due to the nature of the content. Calls will be recorded for access if you cannot attend live.

12 module calls


how it all works

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The Investment

• 12 Live Modules
• Group Integration Thread
•Somatic and Energetic Practices to Deepen Your Embodiment
• Access to the Replays

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By being in this container you will have the option to upgrade your experience with additional support.
• 1:1 Integration Sessions
• Private Messaging

•Ceremonial Bodywork Sessions

*Applications will need to be approved before payment is collected.

• 12 Live Modules
• Group Integration Thread
•Somatic and Energetic Practices to Deepen Your Embodiment
• Access to the Replays

*Applications will need to be approved before payment is collected.

You're beyond                to...


Be initiated into the Feminine Mysteries and Priestess Path

Deepen your exploration and practice through your Divine Embodiment

Attune to your Sacred Feminine Centers

Reclaim your sensuality and pleasure while healing your ancestral karma 

Embody your pure creative power through Sacred Sexuality and aligning with Universal Law

somatic and energetic practices

replay access 

group integration thread

12 live modules

What you will need to


If you have a menstrual cycle, please begin to track your cycle days starting with "Day 1" as the first day of your blood

A basal thermometer (goes to the 10th degree ex: 98.68)

Optional: A curved yoni wand (crystal wands are even better!)

Organic unrefined coconut oil

A journal that is specifically for your cycle tracking, note taking, and to write insights and downloads from the practices

Optional: Connection to a Spotify Premium account to access playlists without commercials

"Nikki’s methods of allowing oneself to open up on so many different planes was something I have needed and will continue to seek, in order to loosen and let down my inhibitions and feel truly whole as the goddess I am deep down. I highly recommend closing your eyes and fully putting your trust in Nikki's magical hands!"

"I need to work to feel connected to self love, body love, and sexuality. Nikki’s class reminds me of my goddess nature and when it's activated I'm so much happier. Just being in the space with Nikki's codes and the energy between the women helps me remember. And I love how free I feel to express myself through movement sound and breath."

"She holds such a beautiful container where I am able to feel safe and comfortable to dive into the depths of my soul, a space where my questions and curiosities are explored further"


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How intimate is this journey

We will be exploring sacred sexuality practices that will include self touch. Every practice is optional, although I do recommend meeting your edges.

Is this program only for cis-women

This program is for people who have vulvas and desire a deeper connection with the Sacred Feminine. The anatomy and principles of Sacred Sexuality that we cover are focused on the Yoni. Some of the language used, such as "sister" and "women," can be triggering for those who do not fully identify as a woman. That being said, I invite this to be a space where we explore the relationship of the Sacred Feminine at the intersection of womanhood, beyond the oppressive constructs of gender.

do you have payment plan options

Yes! If you would like to talk about other payment options, please reach out. 

What is your refund policy

Due to the how the information, practices, and replays are shared there are no refunds offered for this program. If you have any concerns during the program, please reach out to Nikki directly.