Prosperous Priestess

next round will be held in 2023

4 months of magic

Next Round Will Open 2023

A Personal Power Reclamation


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 energetic integrity

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The Prosperous Priestess is a time collapsing path where we come together to grow, align, and claim our birthright of Sacred Wealth.

Although Sacred Wealth reflects in our financial freedom, it is so much more than that.

Sacred Wealth is true fulfillment, divine love, and the overflowing abundance that pours in, around, and through us.
Only from a place of overflow can we ever truly serve to our fullest.

We must learn to RECEIVE!

Sacred Wealth is a frequency that emerges through our inner healing landscapes and ability to take aligned action.
It is available for all of us to receive, to hold, and to share generously.

Everything we need is already within us.
We only have to remember.

Our work is a devotional prayer to expand and elevate the collective, so we must be in integrity and alignment to our soul's mission and purpose.

This is why we come to the table to do the inner work.

To truly be prosperous is to truly know ourselves, our dreams, our gifts, our strengths, and meet our growing edges,

Though our journeys to our Sacred Prosperous Path are incredibly unique and personal, we are not meant to walk alone.

Our strength lies within our ability to come together, to collaborate, and to share our voice and gifts with the world.

This is a collective movement for bringing wealth back into the hands of the Goddess.

We each have a role to play and medicine to offer. We each have a pillar to anchor down.

We are living in the most exciting times Earth has seen in thousands of years.

As the Earth expands in her consciousness, we are being called to rise into our highest path of service.

Claiming wealth and prosperity in all ways so that we can be the ambassadors of a new way. 

We are destined to live a wealthy and prosperous life.

 Prosperous Priestess is a group coaching program & initiation path for creating a solid foundation and nutrient rich soil for your prosperity to thrive upon and within. The concepts and teachings through this journey will serve a lifetime of anchoring into deeper alignment to Sacred Wealth while embodying your Human Design.

We are the leaders of the new paradigm

Energetic Integrity, Personal Power, & Aligned Strategy

Healing Money Wounds & Embodying Wealth Consciousness

Transmuting the Mother, Father, Sister, & Witch Wounds

the magic starts here

What We Will Uncover

Living Your Unique Human Design (with guest facilitator Randi Lee)

Alignment to the Truth of Your Soul's Dreams & Desires

Women who are ready to claim their BELONGING in this incredible movement of feminine leadership

Women who desire to tap deeper into their Human Design to create a life full of flow and ease

Women who are ready to take the expression of their unique soul's gifts to the next level

Women who are ready to slay the Mother, Sister, & Witch Wounds

who it's for

Women who crave a community of sisters who celebrate each other as we root in new depths and grow to new heights

Women who are excited to up-level their business and entrepreneurship

Women who know they are here to anchor the New Paradigm on Earth

Women who have a deep desire to live a wealthy & prosperous life

who it's for

I'm ready to apply!


3 Month Container
One-Time Payment

i'm ready to apply!


-11 group coaching calls with nikki ananda
-1 Human design group call with randi lee
-1 private coaching session with nikki ananda
-Closing Ceremony
-activating homework & rituals
-messenger group with facilitator support

3 Month Container
Payment Plan

The Investment

-11 group coaching calls with nikki ananda
-1 Human design group calls with randi lee
-activating homework & rituals
-Closing ceremony
-messenger group with facilitator support

call times

Prosperous Priestess Call Schedule:
All calls will be held at 4:30pm EST.
Replays will be available same day.

August 24th with Nikki Ananda
August 31st with Nikki Ananda
September 7th with Nikki Ananda
September 14th with Nikki Ananda
September 21st with Randi Lee

September 28th- INTEGRATION WEEK (no call)

October 5th with Nikki Ananda
October 12th with Nikki Ananda
October 19th with Nikki Ananda

October 26th- INTEGRATION WEEK (no call)

November 2nd with Nikki Ananda
November 9th with Nikki Ananda
November 16th with Nikki Ananda

November 23rd- INTEGRATION WEEK (no call)

Week of November 30th- 1:1 Calls (no group)
December 7th with Nikki Ananda
December 14th Closing Ceremony


I do not have my own business (yet). Is this still for me?

Yes! The content of this program is transferable in all areas of life to align with abundance, prosperity, and sacred wealth even if you don't have a business. This information and work is foundational for a thriving business. It doesn't matter where you are on the journey, these are concepts we will always come back to.

How often do we meet?

We will be meeting weekly on Zoom for 12 calls total. Replays will be available if you cannot make the live times. We will have a group chat for additional support between calls.

There are 2 weeks without calls where we focus on integration. Calls will be held live on Wednesdays at 4:30pm EST, 1:30pm PST, and 10:30am HST. 

You will also receive 1 private coaching session with Nikki Ananda that will be scheduled within the 4 months!

I'm new to Human Design. Where do I start?

It is such an honor to have Randi Lee join us and support the group in leaning into their Human Design. I suggest you start by getting your Human Design profile and have fun exploring your type, profile, and any aspects of your chart you are called to. Randi Lee will be there to guide you on the journey!

Are there longer payment plan options? If I don't make the calls will I be able to get a refund?

If you are unable to make the $777/month payment then please reach out to Nikki to inquire about extended payment plans. 

There are no refunds for this program for any reason. I believe in your power and the power of the collective to succeed when we commit to giving 100% of ourselves to the journey and the work. If for some reason you are not satisfied by the end of our time together, we can set up a 1:1 call to find a solution.

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."
-Maya Angelou