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Ceremonial bodywork sessions are held in Plaistow, NH. Sessions are only held in conjunction to coaching and mentorship containers to ensure the depth and integrity of transformation and integration. If you are interested in hearing more please fill out an intake form linked below to schedule a free Discovery Call. I will send you an email within 48 hours. Please check your junk mail if you have not received an email from me within 3 days.

Ceremonial Bodywork Sessions are held for women who are currently in or have completed 1:1 programs in the past year.

This work may be the most sacred work of all that I offer.

I came to first receive sexological bodywork in 2016 after a few years into my sexual healing path. The first time I received hands-on work I was taken into deep states of healing that were as powerful as the most potent plant medicine ceremonies I had experienced. I was in awe of what my body could achieve through opening up my kundalini channels.

After a few years of healing through this work it became clear to me that more women needed access to this practice. I received a strong intuitive call to begin my training to facilitate the work that had given me my life back in more ways than I could count.

Over several years of study & through my trainings in Somatic Sex Education, Sexological Bodywork, Abdominal Massage, Nervous System Regulation Strategies, & Venusian Temple Arts I came to embody my own integration of modality & service anchored in ancient teachings with deeply honored roots.

I currently offer 2 versions of Ceremonial Bodywork Sessions.

Both sessions are held in temple space, using sound healing & high quality essential oils to support the somatic & energetic work. Incense & Egyptian oils are burned while toning and crystal chalices activate the space. Other sacred sound instruments may play a role in the session if they are called for.

The first session is Sacred Feminine Awakening.

In both sessions we begin by focusing on the jaw. Our jaw is directly related to our pelvis. As we relax & open the jaw, our hips & pelvis also begin to soften & open. We take time here to release stored tension & unwind stress from the jaw muscles which allows for a stronger conduit of energy to flow through the entirety of the body. This tends to be some of the most powerful unlocking for women who come on my table.

From the jaw we move down to the throat. Our throat is our center for communication. Not only verbal communication, but our energetic communication with God, Source, the Universe, & all of life around us. We have all experienced being silenced in one form or another in this life. Sometimes being silenced creates a hardening or armor that becomes our practice to release. It is a big quest of our times for women to be open in our throats so that we may be fully expressed. The somatic healing work with the throat supports not only muscle tension & energetic block release, but it can support the regulation of the thyroid gland, which many women are struggling with.

Moving to the heart center we focus on opening the breast tissue & releasing the stuck emotions & armor around the heart. This work energetically balances our emotions, releases unprocessed grief, & activates/regulates the heart’s electromagnetic field. When we come into the heart center we are also clearing our field from past lovers & ancestral karmas. So much of our ancestors’ unprocessed grief is released through this practice when we come to the deep tissue & bones. Breast health is cared for somatically as we drain the lymph nodes & regulate blood flow throughout the breast tissue. This practice is also great for scar tissue healing.

We come deeper into healing states through womb massage. The womb massage portion of the session is where we go deep into the intuitive, wise, & creative center. Collectively, we have lost touch of the ancient practices of womb clearing. The womb has been storing trauma for generations within most lineages. When we come to this practice, we are releasing not only our own traumas, but the traumas we inherited from our ancestors. This work is where we come back to claim our womb as the sacred center for creation. Through deep, intentional touch your body wakes up to remember its natural powers of creation & dissolution. The womb is where all visions come to form. It is where the unmanifest becomes manifest. The womb is the Holy Grail. The Sacred Chalice. The Creator of Life.

Womb massage has many physiological benefits from toning the abdominal muscles & uterus to regulating our hormones. With consistent practice womb massage can regulate the menstrual cycle & deeply support with fertility challenges. Womb massage helps with scar tissue remediation from C-section births & hysterectomies, as well as supports the internal organs settling back into place after a hysterectomy. Energetically we are restoring life force energy by increasing blood flow back to our most sacred & powerful center.

After women have received at least one Sacred Feminine Awakening Session, they have the option to go deeper in following sessions.

The next level of ceremonial bodywork is Sacred Feminine Rebirth.

This session starts with the jaw, throat, heart, & womb work with the same sequencing & intention of Sacred Feminine Activation.

After at least 2 full hours devoted to opening the body, we move into Yoni dearmoring. Yoni dearmoring has 2 parts: external work & internal work. The body guides us fully with where the sessions go, which is why there is such a wide range of time for how long the session may go for.

When we come to Yoni dearmoring work, we begin to melt away the barriers between us & our pleasure connection to life. Not only sexual pleasure, but our full enjoyment & radiance in all areas of life.

So much tension, trauma, & ancestral wounding is held in the tissue & cellular memory of our Yoni. This practice is slow moving, a slow unwinding, where we honor your body in being able to fully express & release all of what no longer serves while activating new life force energy and grounding it deep into our root.

Our Yoni is directly related to our root chakra. We need to feel safe in our body in order to truly thrive. As we dearmor the Yoni, we come back to softness, pleasure, & our feminine magic in a way that is grounded & sustainable. This work will literally change the foundation you are building your life upon.

*Not every session includes internal work. We never go beyond what the body is asking for. This is part of the journey of healing the wounds of premature penetration, which is a foundation for all Sacred Sexuality work.

There are 4 main gates of the Yoni that are focused on in these sessions. Each gate requires a unique amount of time to awaken, open, & access the gifts. I am here to listen to your body’s guidance as you connect deeper into your temple & activate full body consciousness.

If you are interested in hearing more about these sessions, please head over to the 1:1 program page to fill our an application & we can have a discovery session to talk about your intentions coming into this work.

The Feminine Centers:
Throat, Heart, Womb, & Yoni

Venusian Temple Arts & Ceremonial Bodywork Sessions

We come together to the Venusian Temple of the Rose to remember and reclaim our Sacred Feminine Magic. 
Working with the divine aspects of Venus we call in her power, beauty, love, sensuality, and the anchoring in of the true Solar Feminine wisdom and power. Our experience ignites an activation through the senses as we land and fully come into our bodies. Using movement, breath, sound, and imagination as we deepen into the body and awaken the sacred codes that we carry as women.

1:1 Coaching & Mentorship

Heal your ancestral lineage through Sacred Touch

Awaken your power through reclaiming Erotic Innocence  

Attune to your Sacred Feminine wisdom and intuition

Are you ready to

Venusian Temple Arts

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Sacred Feminine Rebirthing

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-jaw & Throat clearing 
-Heart & Womb awakening
-sacred sound
-Body Annointing
*PackageS Available

Sacred Feminine Awakening

Venusian Temple Arts & Ceremonial Bodywork Sessions

-Jaw & throat clearing
-Heart, Womb, & yoni awakening
-sacred sound
*Packages available

intake form

Intake form

intake form

2-3 Hours

3-6 Hours

Available Packages & Upgrades

3 Sacred Feminine Awakening Sessions
$1,200 (savings of $165)

3 Sacred Feminine Rebirthing Sessions
$1,800 (savings of $300)

1 Sacred Feminine Awakening Session + 1 Sacred Feminine Rebirthing Session
$1,000 (savings of $155)

2 Sacred Feminine Awakening Sessions + 1 Sacred Feminine Rebirthing Session
$1,400 (savings of $210)

2 Sacred Feminine Awakening Sessions + 2 Sacred Feminine Rebirthing Sessions
$2,000 (savings of $310)

Through our alignment with Venus and the Lineage of the Rose we are welcomed home to beauty, sensuality, and Divine Love. Liberating ourselves from the Old Paradigm to become the midwives of the New Earth through each of our Sacred Temples is such a powerful piece of our dharma.
Our greatest service is to become fully integrated within our bodies as we walk the Beauty Way.

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