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Head to the Venusian Bodywork page linked below to learn more. Sessions are held in Plaistow, NH. If you are interested in booking a 1:1 session please fill out an intake form and I will send you an email within 48 hours. Please check your junk mail if you have not received an email from me within 3 days.

*Rose Temple Immersion Series* (1/3)
Codes of the White Rose
October 16th- Plaistow, NH
12-4pm, $555 for Series

Witch Wound Healing & Venusian Sound Alchemy
October 22nd- WeBreathe Wellness; Walpole, MA
Metaphysical & Mystical Psychic Fair 

*Rose Temple Immersion Series* (2/3)
Codes of the Red Rose

November 6th- Plaistow, NH
12-4pm, $555 for Series

*Rose Temple Immersion Series* (3/3)
Codes of the Pink Rose

December 4th- Plaistow, NH
12-4pm, $555 for Series

In Person Movement, Embodiment, Sound Healing and Ceremonial Events List

Venusian Temple Arts & Bodywork Sessions

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We come together to the Temple of the Rose to reclaim our Sacred Feminine Magic. Working with the divine aspects of Venus we call in her power, beauty, love, sensuality, and the anchoring in of the Solar Feminine. Our experience ignites an activation through the senses as we land and fully come into our bodies. Using movement, breath, and sound we deepen into the body and awaken the sacred codes that we carry as women. We begin with grounding, anointing, and setting the space before journeying through an expansive sensual movement sequence. The evening moves into sound alchemy with drum, gong, and crystal bowl frequencies to clear and align the 5 layers of self: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Click Here for Rose Temple Immersion Series Information

Heal your ancestral lineage through Sacred Touch

Awaken your power through reclaiming Erotic Innocence  

Open your heart and womb to radiate your Divine Light

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Venusian Temple Arts

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3-4 Hour Session

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-jaw & Throat clearing 
-Heart & Womb awakening
-sacred sound
*Packages available

Rose Womb Heart Session

Venusian Temple Arts & Bodywork Sessions

-Jaw & throat clearing
-Heart, Womb, & yoni awakening
-sacred sound
*Packages available

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90-120 Minute Session

Rose Empress Initiation

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Through our alignment with Venus and the Lineage of the Rose we are welcomed home to beauty, sensuality, and Divine Love. Liberating ourselves from the Old Paradigm to become the midwives of the New Earth through each of our Sacred Temples is such a powerful piece of our dharma.
Our greatest service is to become fully integrated within our bodies as we walk the Beauty Way.

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